Neck, Shoulder And Back Pain Relief


George Arnold III has been seeing Dr. Tolmos for a little more than a month at this time. When Mr. Arnold started care he came in experiencing “excruciating” pain in his upper back and lower neck that extended into his right arm and shoulder. According to Mr. Arnold the pain was so bothersome he was not able to sleep at night and nothing would alleviate the pain.

Dr. Tolmos helped Mr. Arnold make a few small changes in his lifestlye and a month later Mr. Arnold came in with a great story! He was able to lift and use his right arm without feeling the pain that use to limit him from even showering without difficulty! Along with less pain came a greater range of motion.

Mr. Arnold’s arm had been limited since he had surgery to remove cancer from his parotid gland. Mr. Arnold is extremely happy now to be able to “sleep like a baby” and heal all night. Every day he is waking up and improving his pain, his range of motion, and increasing his activities of daily living.

Mr. Arnold is now exercising regularly and eating better. His next goal is to reduce his medications and get his body back in control. Great job Mr. Arnold and keep up the great work!!

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