Chronic Pain and Numbness


Belkis Calleja is a very hard working mother whose job constantly puts her in positions that compromise her posture. She is always leaning forward and as a result her body started to adapt. Unfortunately with the change in posture also came tremendous amounts of pain. Her neck, back, and right shoulder were constantly in pain. She would take Advil PM and Motrin over and over just to be able to sleep! Her posture also began to affect her hands and feet. She began suffering from numbness in both hands and feet.

Finally one day she walked into the office. Immediately she started sleeping much better. After just a couple of weeks she started feeling the effects of her body healing on its own. The pain started dissipating little by little and now she does not take pain medication anymore! Her stomach and liver are very happy about that! The numbness in her hands and feet also decreased severely! She is also grateful that she can exercise again! It’s great to see the power of the body beginning to work after so many years. Better diet, consistent exercise, and NO pain meds!! Congratulations Belkis!!

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