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Dr. Raymond Tolmos, DC, DABCI
Your Miami Holistic Primary Care Chiropractor

cathy alzate
cathy alzate
Im a new client here & already in love. I feel heard & like the doctor actual wants to help me heal. What a difference from the conventional doctors I’ve been to. Best investment I’ve made in a long time.
MíoMadelayne Diaz
MíoMadelayne Diaz
M Mutrux
M Mutrux
I’ve always had a great experience at Dr. Tolmos’ office. He helped heal my neck pain and I also use him as my holistic PCP. blood and stool tests are extremely extensive and informative. I’ve taken my health to a different level thanks to the help of the DR. 🙏
Margarita Dana
Margarita Dana
Great service 😊
Such an amazing experience!
Stephanie Savo
Stephanie Savo
Dr. Tolmos and his staff are great and super helpful. Would highly recommend
Oscar D
Oscar D
Great staff, excellent Doctor extremely helpful 👍
Daniel Carrera
Daniel Carrera
The doctor with a 5 minute simple procedure was able to help me breath through my nose/sinus over 50% better!
Michelle Bodenmiller
Michelle Bodenmiller
Professional, methodical, caring and intelligent provider. Thank you so much!

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Low Back Herniation

Mr. Armando Sanchez is a very hard working man that would suffer from recurring bouts of lower back pain for years. His son-in-law found Dr. Tolmos online and sent Mr. Sanchez in as his low back was inhibiting him from moving let alone working. Mr. Sanchez walked in gingerly limping and slightly leaning to keep pressure off of his low back. He had been to other chiropractors before but never received an upper cervical adjustment.

Immediately following the first adjustment Mr. Sanchez felt relief. Two days later he walked in without a limp and was back at work. In 3 weeks of care Mr. Sanchez was proud to report he was completely pain free in his low back and feeling great even while working.

For those out there that experience low back pain that inhibits putting on your socks, going up and down stairs, standing for short periods of time, and even sleeping, upper cervical care can help your body heal the way it is supposed to so you can do the things you need/want to do. Mr. Sanchez is a great testimony to that as he reports no more restrictions from his low back! Happy to be able to help out and the best part, no side effects!!

Letter from Beatriz Vincent

Ear Infections in Children

Meet Sienna and her brother Christian. Like other children they love playing in the water, especially in the summer. Children though, have a special susceptibility to ear infections due to the structure of their ear canals.

A child’s ear canal actually is slanted downward trapping water and sometimes bacteria in the ear canal. As children grow their ear canals actually allow more liquid to drain as the angle of the canal changes and the chance for infection is greatly reduced. Almost every time after being in the water Sienna and sometimes her brother would suffer from recurring ear infections and high fevers.

With no other options, their parents would take them to the ER or their primary doctor. After being issued prescriptions for 10 different medications on one visit they decided it was time for an alternative. After hearing about chiropractic from a friend, Sienna and Christian came into the office.

The turning point was one Friday night around 9PM when Dr. Tolmos received a phone call. Sienna needed an emergency visit. She was very fussy and had a fever of 102 degrees. Her parents wanted to give her Tylenol. Instead they came in to see Dr. Tolmos and immediately after the adjustment her fever dropped to 100 degrees, she slept on the way home and through the night and woke up feeling great the next day!

They have not returned to the ER, they have almost completely eliminated their dependence on medications, and they are building naturally healthy, strong immune systems. Our bodies have the ability to fight infection, until we over medicate. Chiropractic can help restore that immunity.

If you’re children, or someone’s children you know, are constantly getting sick and having to take medication please call today and find out how we can help your child grow strong and start planting the seeds for lifelong health!

New Born Development

Avery Anderson was 7 months old when her mother Paige brought her in to Dr. Tolmos’ office. Paige met Dr. Tolmos at a health and wellness expo and explained to him that she had a very healthy baby. Since she previously knew Dr. Tolmos she decided to bring Avery in for a check-up.

During the consultation Paige did not mention that there were any problems or concerns with Avery. However after the first adjustment Paige called Dr. Tolmos and happily explained that Avery finally crawled for the first time!

It turns out that pressure around the brainstem was inhibiting Avery’s natural development of motor and speech skills. Now she is modeling, excelling in school, and talking every one’s ear off. We are blessed to be able to raise Avery with chiropractic to ensure her natural development of not only motor and speech skills but also her immune system function. Look out for a star in the future!

Vertigo Relief

Lisseth Amil has been an upper cervical chiropractic patient for many years. Although recently due to changes in her life she had not been in for a visit in over a year. As the stress accumulated in her life she began to experience vertigo. Her doctor put her on medication to help decrease the feelings of nausea and vertigo but they did not help.

After a month of feeling like vomiting on a daily basis she decided to return to chiropractic care. After 2 weeks of stopping the medication and getting adjusted the vertigo disappeared! After a few weeks of feeling great Lisseth went on a cruise. Unfortunately, the vertigo made an appearance on the ship. She immediately came in for an adjustment and again the vertigo was gone. She has not has any recurring bouts since.

Lisseth was so happy she did not have to take medication for the symptom to go away. Dr. Tolmos was extremely happy because her body was able to heal without the help of any therapy or drug. For that reason Lisseth can be confident now that her body knows how to protect itself from vertigo and also how to deal with it if it ever occurs again.

Lisseth also brings in her children as you can see. Little Ignacio has also been receiving care since his birth and is a strong healthy boy! Remember Chiropractic is about helping the body restore its natural balance and adapt to our daily stressful environment. A healthy, well-adjusted body does not allow symptoms to manifest. Great Job Lisseth!


Madison Holsomback is a 14 year old star! Madison loves the performing arts and has dreams to be an aspiring actress. The only thing holding Madison back, ironically enough, was her back. Madison was diagnosed with scoliosis which is an abnormal curvature of the spine. This normally causes rapid degeneration of the spine and chronic pain that can affect most of her spine.

Madison’s mom brought her in to try and avoid the degeneration that occurs with age, as well as the bracing and possible surgery that comes along with the progression of the condition. After six months of adjusting only Madison’s Atlas (upper cervical chiropractic) we found a reduction of her curve by six degrees! Madison was getting very close to the bracing stage of scoliosis and was so happy to find out that with chiropractic she could not only stay out of the brace, but also feel so much less pain!

Madison reported that as soon as we started adjustments her pain wasn’t as severe and went away a lot quicker. This allowed Madison to play and even bigger role and enjoy her acting the way it should be! Pain free! Madison is just one of the patients that have found success in chiropractic. If you know someone with scoliosis, tell them about this story, you might change a life!!

Migraines And Mid Back Pain Relief

Meet Anai Montes. She is a mother of 2 beautiful daughters and a loving wife. She was suffering from a lot of different debilitating symptoms. She would experience splitting migraines almost daily. Her mid back would ache so bad she would spend days in bed.

In fact, after a while, she would have to go to the hospital at least two times a month and even then the relief was only minimal. Ms. Montes was in a rare position. She ate nothing but fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. When not in excruciating pain she would exercise to the best of her ability. She was doing everything she possibly could to be healthy. Her body just would not cooperate.

After trying every type of pain relief from pills to shots she decided to give chiropractic a try. After the first adjustment she noticed a huge difference. After the first week she felt great. The visits to the hospital stopped. The debilitating episodes of pain stopped. The daily migraines stopped.

Now Ms. Montes is virtually pain free! She is so happy to have heard about chiropractic because it changed her life. She is much more active and can now enjoy going out on the boat with her husband and daughters whenever she wants, not whenever her back would let her. Her concentration has improved so much that she is even learning a new language now! Congratulations on all your success Ms. Montes! We are happy to have been at your service.

Chiropractic During Pregnancy

Meet Ramsauly Basset. As you can see Ram has been adjusted throughout her pregnancy. Her entire family comes in for regular adjustments in order to stay as healthy as possible. While under care during her pregnancy Ram had some aches and pains but they all went away very quickly and her body stayed very healthy.

At the beginning of the pregnancy her OB/GYN told her she may need to go on blood pressure medications however by balancing her nervous system with chiropractic care we were able to help her body control its own blood pressure.

Upper cervical chiropractic care is very helpful during pregnancy because it helps make sure the body is working at its optimum growing the baby inside and keeping the mother healthy and feeling well. Ram had a pleasant pregnancy and did not even experience any swelling until the 36th week!

Her delivery went well and she is so happy to have a beautiful newborn that has never been influenced by any medications while in her womb. It’s a wonderful thing when the body is working the way it is supposed, regular chiropractic care gives you your best chance. Congratulations again Ram!

Ovarian Cysts and Irregular Menstrual Cycle

Migraines and Painful Menstrual Cycle Relief

Meet Elena Romano! Elena was known by all her friends to always have a bottle of Advil in her purse or on her person. She would wake up every day with a headache and take an Advil before she did anything else. The headaches would turn into migraines if she did not take anything to help alleviate the pain.

When Elena would be going through her cycle, she would experience not only more intense migraines but also a hampering back pain and stiff neck muscles. Elena did not know what to do but to continue taking her Advil. Then one day her sister told her how she had improved so much and referred her in to see Dr. Tolmos.

It is now one month later and Elena says she feels like a new person! After the 1st adjustment her headache disappeared. The following day she woke up and did not have to take Advil! Elena was amazed at how one upper cervical adjustment could change her whole life. Her headaches are gone.

Her menstrual cycle even snuck up on her and did not cause her pain or headaches like it used to. Elena says her whole outlook has changed and she is now taking better care of herself by eating healthier and exercising again. We are so happy to have helped restore quality of life in yet another individual. Congratulations Elena and thank you for your testimony!

Migraines, Menstrual Pain Relief

All aspects of my life have improved since I started chiropractic. I was born with a rare condition that makes my right leg shorter than my left one. Due to this condition, I have scoliosis in my spine. For many years, I have suffered daily from lower back pain, horrible migraines and muscle pain during my menstrual cycle.

I was unable to function at a normal level—it was painful to either take a walk or work out, doing all of the things that most of us take for granted on a daily basis.

When I started visiting Dr. Raymond’s practice, I was so impressed. I feel blessed to be in Dr. Raymond’s care. He is truly committed to his patients’ well-being and listens when concerns are shared and offers guidance and explanations. He knows that healing takes place on all levels – physical, emotional, mental & spiritual.

Shortly after we began working together on my healing, I became migraine free. I have no lower back pain or muscle pain. I feel that I have my life back. It has been a true miracle.

Chiropractic has been a tremendous help for me. I recommend Dr. Raymond because he is a wonderful healer, educator, and chiropractor. God bless you, Dr. Raymond!

Amelia Rozas
Architect and Designer
Amelia Rozas Design, Inc.

Headache and Back Pain Relief

Meet Loimar Burns. Loimar is young lady that used to suffer from tremendous low back pain and debilitating headaches for years. She decided to give chiropractic a try when she saw the results first hand in one of her client’s feet!

Ms. Anai Montes had been trying to get Loimar into the office for over a year after she experienced great results. As a manicure/pedicure technician Loimar noticed a change in Ms. Montes’ feet. The bones were actually slowly moving back towards their original position as Ms. Montes’ spine was improving!

Back to Loimar, 21 years old and in constant pain. Because of her job she was always contorting her body in positions that were contrary to good posture. Her spine started to lose its structure and as a result her body could not heal at its optimum ability.

Through upper cervical adjustments Loimar noticed improvement not only in her pain and headaches, but throughout her body as a whole. Loimar is so happy that she can work now without having to take Advil and Tylenol or worry about the next episode of pain that used to be inevitable. She is now active in the gym again and living a pain free healthy life!

Low Back Pain

I was a little skeptical about the whole chiropractic practice specially because my brother is an oncologist and he told me not to waste my time. I’ve served in the Army now for 12 years with numerous deployments overseas wearing gear and equipment that has really put a stress on my back. I tried everything from prescription drugs to all types of massages, nothing worked!

There were days were I couldn’t even get out of bed… I decided to give a chiropractor the chance to see what he could do. After about two months of adjustments I have NO pain in my back. This really works!!!

Thanks Dr. Ray!

Coach Fernando Rodriguez

Rheumatoid Arthritis Relief

Cristy Vega is 25 year old woman that has been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis or RA. RA is an autoimmune disease that affects the joints of the body and can great amounts of pain as well as posing physical limitations to those who suffer from it. RA is arthritis but it is not from wear and tear like osteoarthritis.

Doctors have spent years trying to figure out how to help those with RA. Through Cristy’s experience, her medical doctor told her that she would have to take medications for the rest of her life (Methotrexate and Prednisone in this case specifically). Cristy would still have painful flare ups in her wrists especially from time to time, as well as having to deal with the side effects of the meds she was taking. She was better on the meds than off, but sometimes the side effects were very bad.

Then she discovered upper cervical chiropractic care. With upper cervical care Cristy has been medication free for almost 2 years now! The whole first year of care Cristy was amazed at how much better she was feeling until finally one day she simply stopped depending on the medications and started depending on herself.

Now she participates in everything she wants to and has full confidence that her body has no limitations. Cristy feels like chiropractic has helped not only reduce and control her pain, but also help her avoid years of damage to her body from harsh medications. It has truly been a miracle to see someone so young and full of life be able to thrive once again thanks to upper cervical care.

If you know someone struggling with RA, let them know there is an alternative. You might change their life!

Acute Episodes of Low Back Pain

Chronic Neck Pain

Carlos Chumbiauca was referred to our office by Dr. Tolmos. Before coming in Carlos had been suffering from neck pain for 27 years. He had tried all kinds of treatments from nerve block injections to other chiropractors to try and alleviate the pain. All those attempts helped a little but the pain kept coming back just as strong. In fact, he had almost given up hope and came to the conclusion he would have to just live with the pain forever.

After only one month of care he began to see significant improvements. His neck pain was completely gone and he noticed his posture and energy levels improved. Carlos said he never thought the pain would go away, especially with all the previous treatments he tried.

He is very happy he found a place that helped him feel good again with medications or surgery. He is now exercising again and regaining his health that he once thought was lost. Carlos is so satisfied with the care he receives he is constantly referring in people that he sees struggling with chronic pain. Thank you Carlos and happy to be of service!!

Neck Pain from a Herniated Disc

Anabella Godoy came into the office to referred by her brother Oswaldo. She was in excruciating pain in her neck and upper back. She started feeling weak and losing the use of both her arms. The reason was she had multiple herniated discs in the base of her neck. Anabella is a pastry chef and cook.

The pain she was feeling was becoming a detriment not only to her job but also to her life. The numbness and tingling in her arms was becoming very irritating. She was tired of taking pain killers and muscle relaxers so she decided to give her brother’s idea a try.

Within 2 weeks of upper cervical chiropractic care Anabella started seeing improvements in the levels of her pain. After one month she began regaining her strength back and now just 3 months later she is cooking and baking and using her arms just like she did before her herniated discs kept her from doing what she loved.

She is doing so well she can wash her hair with both arms again, she can write much better, and she can actually drive her car with no pain!! The small things in life we all take for granted were returned and Anabella is overjoyed. She says “This is the best thing for you because you don’t need medication, it’s all natural, and your body can do anything you want it to!” We are happy to help Anabella and congratulations on HEALING YOURSELF!

Jaundice and Deconditioned Muscles

Meet Dillia Silva. Dillia was referred into the office by her daughter Carolina who saw her pains vanish and her health improve tremendously after being under chiropractic care. At first Carolina did know if she should refer her mother in because she thought maybe her health problems were out of the scope of chiropractic care.

Her mother Dillia, was suffering from hepatitis and her liver was malfunctioning. In fact, when she came in for a free evalution on a family day, she was completely yellow! Her eyes looked highlighters she was so jaundiced. Besides the discoloration, Dillia was also in a lot of pain due to irregular digestion and weak muscles. She would get tired from sitting, standing, and especially walking. Dillia said it was very hard for her to go up and down stairs in her weakened condition.

After a couple weeks of upper cervical adjustments we saw Dillia’s color start to revert back to normal. 3 months later and she was back to normal. Even her eyes had white in them again. The change in skin color was extremely important because it meant that Dillia’s liver was now functioning correctly again! She made some changes to her diet and did a couple exercises recommended by Dr. Tolmos and now Dillia says she can sit, stand, and even go up and down stairs without pain or getting very tired!

Her digestion has also improved thanks to her liver functioning better and Dillia says she hasn’t felt this healthy in a long time! We are so happy to have been able to help change another life by unlocking the body’s own potential to heal. No medication necessary!

Hand Numbness and Shoulder Pain

Meet Ilka Jarquin. Ilka was referred into the office by one of her friends. Ilka was tired of always being in pain. Her hands were always numb and her shoulders had sharp pains all day. She felt tension in her muscles all around her shoulder blades and upper back. The pain would run down her spine and hurt her low back as well. This was a daily routine for Ilka. She tried pain meds and massages but nothing gave her lasting relief.

After only 3 upper cervical adjustments, the numbness in Ilka’s hands was completely gone. After a couple weeks of care her shoulder pain was disappearing. Little by little she was noticing her normal daily pains were just not there. Instead of treating each and every symptom with a therapy or medication, we treated Ilka’s nervous system with upper cervical adjustments. We were able to help her body heal itself, the way it was meant to.

As we were discussing all of her improvements she remembered that even her knees used to be in pain and that she had forgot how much they improved as well. Very happy to see another patient take control of their health and their life! Congratulations on feeling great and thank you for all of the referrals Ilka!

Chronic Pain and Numbness

Belkis Calleja is a very hard working mother whose job constantly puts her in positions that compromise her posture. She is always leaning forward and as a result her body started to adapt. Unfortunately with the change in posture also came tremendous amounts of pain. Her neck, back, and right shoulder were constantly in pain. She would take Advil PM and Motrin over and over just to be able to sleep! Her posture also began to affect her hands and feet. She began suffering from numbness in both hands and feet.

Finally one day she walked into the office. Immediately she started sleeping much better. After just a couple of weeks she started feeling the effects of her body healing on its own. The pain started dissipating little by little and now she does not take pain medication anymore! Her stomach and liver are very happy about that! The numbness in her hands and feet also decreased severely! She is also grateful that she can exercise again! It’s great to see the power of the body beginning to work after so many years. Better diet, consistent exercise, and NO pain meds!! Congratulations Belkis!!

Neck, Shoulder And Back Pain Relief

George Arnold III has been seeing Dr. Tolmos for a little more than a month at this time. When Mr. Arnold started care he came in experiencing “excruciating” pain in his upper back and lower neck that extended into his right arm and shoulder. According to Mr. Arnold the pain was so bothersome he was not able to sleep at night and nothing would alleviate the pain.

Dr. Tolmos helped Mr. Arnold make a few small changes in his lifestlye and a month later Mr. Arnold came in with a great story! He was able to lift and use his right arm without feeling the pain that use to limit him from even showering without difficulty! Along with less pain came a greater range of motion.

Mr. Arnold’s arm had been limited since he had surgery to remove cancer from his parotid gland. Mr. Arnold is extremely happy now to be able to “sleep like a baby” and heal all night. Every day he is waking up and improving his pain, his range of motion, and increasing his activities of daily living.

Mr. Arnold is now exercising regularly and eating better. His next goal is to reduce his medications and get his body back in control. Great job Mr. Arnold and keep up the great work!!

Crossfit Shoulder Pain

No pain no gain! The age old mantra that holds truth, yet contributes to many individuals pushing their body through an injury that needs attention. Meet Noel Alvarez. Noel has a very stressful job and recently ran into some issues with his health so he decided that he needed to make a change.

Noel, having been an athlete his whole life, decided to participate in crossfit. While crossfit can be a very effective training technique, it can also be very harmful when not done properly or when there is a contraindication to exercise.

One day Noel felt something in his shoulder while exercising. The next day he woke up in a lot of pain and for weeks there was no improvement. Again, Noel decided it was time for action.

Noel came to see Dr. Tolmos for chiropractic care. Through upper cervical adjustments to the spine, Noel’s shoulder began to heal much more efficiently. Noel reported that his pain decreased from a 9/10 while exercising to completely disappearing all on its own.

Noel was amazed that we did not have to do any therapy or anything to his shoulder at all. He now understands that the power that made the body heals the body, and that power comes from within.

Noel is currently enjoying an extremely healthy lifestyle and even with all his stress feels great. Congratulations on your success Noel!

Chronic Neck, Shoulder And Arm Pain

Ms. Rita Comparelli used to suffer from chronic debilitating pain in her left arm. When she first came to the office she could barely lift her arm parallel to the ground without excruciating pain.She described the pain as sharp and starting in her neck and going down through her shoulder into her arm almost to the elbow.

After we took x-rays we noticed her spine was losing structure and as a result her body was giving her symptoms to alert her of the degenerative change. Using upper cervical chiropractic we have been able to restore her spinal structure and her health!

Six months later after follow up x-rays not only did she have her cervical curve back, but her pain was gone. She noticed that her entire body felt better and she was more productive at work without that chronic pain that was an issue for so long.

Rita was amazed that she could get better without medication and therapy like she had previously tried.

She was so impressed that she brought her friend from Orlando to receive upper cervical chiropractic care. Hopefully we will have another testimonial soon as she plans to drive down as often as she can for her treatment.

If you know someone with chronic pain and no answers, share this testimonial with them and it might change their life, just like Rita’s!

Neck, Wrist and Hip Pain; Headaches

Greidy Del Villar was referred to Dr. Tolmos by a classmate of his in chiropractic school, Dr. Singletary. Dr. Singletary was helping Ms. Del Villar recover from an auto accident until she had to relocate to South Florida.

Greidy was suffering from debilitating headaches, neck pain, hip pain, and also pain in her wrist. Greidy works as a nurse and found it very difficult to work with the amount of pain she was in. Every time she had to bend or lift her hip and wrist would hurt. If she had a headache everything would hurt. Even after care from Dr. Singletary, Greidy did not feel as if though she was improving.

After about a month of upper cervical care Greidy started to notice that her headaches were a lot less severe and a lot less frequent. It took the second month review for Griedy to realize that she came in complaining about wrist pain because it was completely gone! Over time Greidy has seen her pains all decrease to a minimum and she still comes once every couple weeks to maintain her health.

Greidy is now exercising and eating healthier thanks to learning about the chiropractic lifestyle. She is so happy that she can now work without pain and function the way she wants to that she has already referred in a few friends. Very happy to help out Griedy!

Chronic Pain And Meds

This is Sonia Olson. Sonia was very hesitant to come see a chiropractor due to a bad experience in the past. Her daughter however, insisted after she realized what Chiropractic was all about.

Sonia suffered from daily aches and pains that she had to medicate every day. Sonia was active as far as household activities but had stopped exercising years ago. When she tried to start again the pain was too much to bear in addition to her daily routine so she had no choice but to avoid it.

Then she started receiving upper cervical chiropractic adjustments to help her body heal itself through better communication of her nervous system. Very quickly Sonia started to notice less and less pain and quicker recovery times.

She came in so excited one day saying she was able to play on the computer with no pain! Since Sonia started care she has never missed a visit and as a result has stopped talking Tylenol 3 and other pain meds daily. She has also stopped taking medication for swelling of her ankles as she can now exercise again without extreme pain.

We helped Sonia realize that symptoms should not just be covered up with meds, but addressed through lifestyle. We are so proud of Sonia for taking control of her health and even recruiting other patients to go to the gym with her. Thanks for helping spread the word and the value of health Sonia and congratulations on your new found well-being!

This is Sonia Olson. Sonia was very hesitant to come see a chiropractor due to a bad experience in the past. Her daughter however, insisted after she realized what Chiropractic was all about.

Sonia suffered from daily aches and pains that she had to medicate every day. Sonia was active as far as household activities but had stopped exercising years ago. When she tried to start again the pain was too much to bear in addition to her daily routine so she had no choice but to avoid it.

Then she started receiving upper cervical chiropractic adjustments to help her body heal itself through better communication of her nervous system. Very quickly Sonia started to notice less and less pain and quicker recovery times.

She came in so excited one day saying she was able to play on the computer with no pain! Since Sonia started care she has never missed a visit and as a result has stopped talking Tylenol 3 and other pain meds daily. She has also stopped taking medication for swelling of her ankles as she can now exercise again without extreme pain.

We helped Sonia realize that symptoms should not just be covered up with meds, but addressed through lifestyle. We are so proud of Sonia for taking control of her health and even recruiting other patients to go to the gym with her. Thanks for helping spread the word and the value of health Sonia and congratulations on your new found well-being!