Thermography at Frontier Spine and Health Care

When it comes to breast cancer, experts agree that early detection is the key to survival. Women now have access to a unique technology that can provide them with the ability to intervene earlier, many times on a far less invasive level.

What Is Thermography?

Thermography is:
– safe and painless
– an image of the heat of your body
– able to detect changes at the cellular level

Studies have shown that by the time a tumor has grown to a detectable size by physical examination or mammography, it has been growing for about seven years, achieving more than 25 doublings of the malignant cell colony.

An opportunity to make adjustments to your diet, beliefs, and lifestyle can transform your cells before they become cancerous.

Inflammation is present in precancerous and cancerous cells. It is also present in torn muscles, ligaments, and arthritic joints, which thermography can also detect.

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