Chronic Neck, Shoulder And Arm Pain


Ms. Rita Comparelli used to suffer from chronic debilitating pain in her left arm. When she first came to the office she could barely lift her arm parallel to the ground without excruciating pain.She described the pain as sharp and starting in her neck and going down through her shoulder into her arm almost to the elbow.

After we took x-rays we noticed her spine was losing structure and as a result her body was giving her symptoms to alert her of the degenerative change. Using upper cervical chiropractic we have been able to restore her spinal structure and her health!

Six months later after follow up x-rays not only did she have her cervical curve back, but her pain was gone. She noticed that her entire body felt better and she was more productive at work without that chronic pain that was an issue for so long.

Rita was amazed that she could get better without medication and therapy like she had previously tried.

She was so impressed that she brought her friend from Orlando to receive upper cervical chiropractic care. Hopefully we will have another testimonial soon as she plans to drive down as often as she can for her treatment.

If you know someone with chronic pain and no answers, share this testimonial with them and it might change their life, just like Rita’s!

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