Rheumatoid Arthritis Relief


Cristy Vega is 25 year old woman that has been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis or RA. RA is an autoimmune disease that affects the joints of the body and can great amounts of pain as well as posing physical limitations to those who suffer from it. RA is arthritis but it is not from wear and tear like osteoarthritis.

Doctors have spent years trying to figure out how to help those with RA. Through Cristy’s experience, her medical doctor told her that she would have to take medications for the rest of her life (Methotrexate and Prednisone in this case specifically). Cristy would still have painful flare ups in her wrists especially from time to time, as well as having to deal with the side effects of the meds she was taking. She was better on the meds than off, but sometimes the side effects were very bad.

Then she discovered upper cervical chiropractic care. With upper cervical care Cristy has been medication free for almost 2 years now! The whole first year of care Cristy was amazed at how much better she was feeling until finally one day she simply stopped depending on the medications and started depending on herself.

Now she participates in everything she wants to and has full confidence that her body has no limitations. Cristy feels like chiropractic has helped not only reduce and control her pain, but also help her avoid years of damage to her body from harsh medications. It has truly been a miracle to see someone so young and full of life be able to thrive once again thanks to upper cervical care.

If you know someone struggling with RA, let them know there is an alternative. You might change their life!

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