Neck Pain from a Herniated Disc


Anabella Godoy came into the office to referred by her brother Oswaldo. She was in excruciating pain in her neck and upper back. She started feeling weak and losing the use of both her arms. The reason was she had multiple herniated discs in the base of her neck. Anabella is a pastry chef and cook.

The pain she was feeling was becoming a detriment not only to her job but also to her life. The numbness and tingling in her arms was becoming very irritating. She was tired of taking pain killers and muscle relaxers so she decided to give her brother’s idea a try.

Within 2 weeks of upper cervical chiropractic care Anabella started seeing improvements in the levels of her pain. After one month she began regaining her strength back and now just 3 months later she is cooking and baking and using her arms just like she did before her herniated discs kept her from doing what she loved.

She is doing so well she can wash her hair with both arms again, she can write much better, and she can actually drive her car with no pain!! The small things in life we all take for granted were returned and Anabella is overjoyed. She says “This is the best thing for you because you don’t need medication, it’s all natural, and your body can do anything you want it to!” We are happy to help Anabella and congratulations on HEALING YOURSELF!

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