Migraines and Painful Menstrual Cycle Relief


Meet Elena Romano! Elena was known by all her friends to always have a bottle of Advil in her purse or on her person. She would wake up every day with a headache and take an Advil before she did anything else. The headaches would turn into migraines if she did not take anything to help alleviate the pain.

When Elena would be going through her cycle, she would experience not only more intense migraines but also a hampering back pain and stiff neck muscles. Elena did not know what to do but to continue taking her Advil. Then one day her sister told her how she had improved so much and referred her in to see Dr. Tolmos.

It is now one month later and Elena says she feels like a new person! After the 1st adjustment her headache disappeared. The following day she woke up and did not have to take Advil! Elena was amazed at how one upper cervical adjustment could change her whole life. Her headaches are gone.

Her menstrual cycle even snuck up on her and did not cause her pain or headaches like it used to. Elena says her whole outlook has changed and she is now taking better care of herself by eating healthier and exercising again. We are so happy to have helped restore quality of life in yet another individual. Congratulations Elena and thank you for your testimony!

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