Vertigo Relief


Lisseth Amil has been an upper cervical chiropractic patient for many years. Although recently due to changes in her life she had not been in for a visit in over a year. As the stress accumulated in her life she began to experience vertigo. Her doctor put her on medication to help decrease the feelings of nausea and vertigo but they did not help.

After a month of feeling like vomiting on a daily basis she decided to return to chiropractic care. After 2 weeks of stopping the medication and getting adjusted the vertigo disappeared! After a few weeks of feeling great Lisseth went on a cruise. Unfortunately, the vertigo made an appearance on the ship. She immediately came in for an adjustment and again the vertigo was gone. She has not has any recurring bouts since.

Lisseth was so happy she did not have to take medication for the symptom to go away. Dr. Tolmos was extremely happy because her body was able to heal without the help of any therapy or drug. For that reason Lisseth can be confident now that her body knows how to protect itself from vertigo and also how to deal with it if it ever occurs again.

Lisseth also brings in her children as you can see. Little Ignacio has also been receiving care since his birth and is a strong healthy boy! Remember Chiropractic is about helping the body restore its natural balance and adapt to our daily stressful environment. A healthy, well-adjusted body does not allow symptoms to manifest. Great Job Lisseth!

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