Headache and Back Pain Relief


Meet Loimar Burns. Loimar is young lady that used to suffer from tremendous low back pain and debilitating headaches for years. She decided to give chiropractic a try when she saw the results first hand in one of her client’s feet!

Ms. Anai Montes had been trying to get Loimar into the office for over a year after she experienced great results. As a manicure/pedicure technician Loimar noticed a change in Ms. Montes’ feet. The bones were actually slowly moving back towards their original position as Ms. Montes’ spine was improving!

Back to Loimar, 21 years old and in constant pain. Because of her job she was always contorting her body in positions that were contrary to good posture. Her spine started to lose its structure and as a result her body could not heal at its optimum ability.

Through upper cervical adjustments Loimar noticed improvement not only in her pain and headaches, but throughout her body as a whole. Loimar is so happy that she can work now without having to take Advil and Tylenol or worry about the next episode of pain that used to be inevitable. She is now active in the gym again and living a pain free healthy life!

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