Ear Infections in Children


Meet Sienna and her brother Christian. Like other children they love playing in the water, especially in the summer. Children though, have a special susceptibility to ear infections due to the structure of their ear canals.

A child’s ear canal actually is slanted downward trapping water and sometimes bacteria in the ear canal. As children grow their ear canals actually allow more liquid to drain as the angle of the canal changes and the chance for infection is greatly reduced. Almost every time after being in the water Sienna and sometimes her brother would suffer from recurring ear infections and high fevers.

With no other options, their parents would take them to the ER or their primary doctor. After being issued prescriptions for 10 different medications on one visit they decided it was time for an alternative. After hearing about chiropractic from a friend, Sienna and Christian came into the office.

The turning point was one Friday night around 9PM when Dr. Tolmos received a phone call. Sienna needed an emergency visit. She was very fussy and had a fever of 102 degrees. Her parents wanted to give her Tylenol. Instead they came in to see Dr. Tolmos and immediately after the adjustment her fever dropped to 100 degrees, she slept on the way home and through the night and woke up feeling great the next day!

They have not returned to the ER, they have almost completely eliminated their dependence on medications, and they are building naturally healthy, strong immune systems. Our bodies have the ability to fight infection, until we over medicate. Chiropractic can help restore that immunity.

If you’re children, or someone’s children you know, are constantly getting sick and having to take medication please call today and find out how we can help your child grow strong and start planting the seeds for lifelong health!

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