Chiropractic During Pregnancy


Meet Ramsauly Basset. As you can see Ram has been adjusted throughout her pregnancy. Her entire family comes in for regular adjustments in order to stay as healthy as possible. While under care during her pregnancy Ram had some aches and pains but they all went away very quickly and her body stayed very healthy.

At the beginning of the pregnancy her OB/GYN told her she may need to go on blood pressure medications however by balancing her nervous system with chiropractic care we were able to help her body control its own blood pressure.

Upper cervical chiropractic care is very helpful during pregnancy because it helps make sure the body is working at its optimum growing the baby inside and keeping the mother healthy and feeling well. Ram had a pleasant pregnancy and did not even experience any swelling until the 36th week!

Her delivery went well and she is so happy to have a beautiful newborn that has never been influenced by any medications while in her womb. It’s a wonderful thing when the body is working the way it is supposed, regular chiropractic care gives you your best chance. Congratulations again Ram!

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