“Sufficent sleep is not a luxury – it is a necessity – and should be thought of as a vital sign of good health.” -Center for Disease Control

Say goodnight to restless nights.

And say hello to better sleep! Our new sleep treatment can help patients with sleep quality issues, ranging from fatigue to insomnia. Using the SleepImageⓇ monitoring system and the NeuroSLP Test, we will be able to accurately find the cause behind poor sleep quality.

With SleepImageⓇ, patients take home a small machine that they attach to their chest to monitor heart rate and breathing. Studies have shown that proper coupling between heart rate and breathing leads to restful sleep, better sleep quality, and less fatigue.

The NeuroSLP Sleep Profile Test measures the levels of 12 types of neurotransmitters and hormones that can affect sleep through a urine and saliva sample. The test will measure your levels of cortisol, melatonin, DOPAC, serotonin, glycine, GABA, glutamate, PEA, and histamine.

These two measurement tools take out the guesswork in finding the cause behind poor sleep. Patients can find out what is really causing their difficulty sleeping and treat it at the source. Patients can receive a consultation on their results and treatments to improve their sleep.

The sleep treatment package includes sleep studies for 2 nights, the sleep profile, and the consultation for $599. Additional charges may include supplementation and/or additional testing not covered by insurance.

Take back control of your nights and live to see better days. Call today to schedule your sleep treatment.