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About Claudia

Claudia de la Espriella has a BS in Psychology from Florida International University and a MS in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition from the University of Miami.

During her childhood and teenage years, Claudia approached nutrition from a hedonistic perspective, only eating foods that pleased her tastebuds (bread, crackers, pizza, instant noodles, ice cream, milkshake, Mcdonald’s, etc). Vegetables were something to steer clear from – only people on a diet ate vegetables.

The possibility that nutrition could play any role in health never crossed her mind. In fact, she prided herself on never having to “diet” a day in her life, and vowed to never be deprived from the culinary pleasures of life. At least until her health started to suffer.

Plagued with body pains, headaches, digestive issues, chronic infections, anxiety, among other symptoms, doctors couldn’t do much other than prescribe anti-inflammatory and antibiotics. After years of jumping from doctor to doctor with no concrete answer to her symptoms, she decided to look at nutrition a little bit closer. That’s when she finally understood, and fell in love with, the concept of food as medicine.

Claudia realized that by making targeted dietary changes in combination with other lifestyle changes, such as engaging in enjoyable physical activity and stress management through yoga and meditation, the body could have the resources to begin the healing process. Her personal experience motivated her to pursue a master’s in nutrition, so she could help others going through similar issues.

Whether you just need to lose some extra pounds or a considerable amount of weight, or you are experiencing mood swings or digestive issues, Claudia can help you identify the root causes that are driving the body out of balance. By properly identifying and systematically correcting these imbalances, you will be able to not only achieve your weight and health goals, but also to feel vibrant, energetic and empowered in your own skin.

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